Business Services

Money HouseLike Real Estate, a successful business is a wealth generator. It creates jobs in the Economy and provides self satisfaction for go-getteer Entrpreneurs.

We at Smart Buy have understood this need to provide advice, opportunities for Entrepreneurs and offer joint venture situations where appropriate. We are offering a wide range of business services ourselves and through co-brokering arrangements. Listed below are some of the opportunities we offer:

  • Buy / Sell an on-going complete Business Unit.
  • Setting up new business.
  • Help find assistance and resources to run an existing unit.
  • Buy/Sell Properties.
  • Help business transfers.
  • Offer business shelter (virtual / physical).
  • Help connect to local business community or to other business assistance units.
  • Impart business know-how to investors by associating with local business administration units.
  • Connect investors to individuals having a viable business proposition.
  • Help write the business plan and other strategic and operational functions.
  • Any other specific service requested by the client.

Govind Pailoor, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Smart Buy Realty
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Cell: 407-301-1175