About Us

Florida Home brings joy in many ways.

In Front yard, you can grow herbs and veggies.

In Back yard, you can grow fruit trees.

You can try organic, sustainable practices while pursuing wellness and happiness.

Sprinkle flower plants where you like.

Selfies with my plantings below are fun to take and talk about:
Papaya & Friend Selfie
Avocado & Friend Selfie
Mango & Friend Selfie
Guava & Friend Selfie
Moringa & Friend Selfie
Pomegranate & Friend Selfie
Lemongrass & Friend Selfie
Chili & Friend Selfie
Apple Blossom
Real Estate

Govind Pailoor, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Smart Buy Realty
Licensed Real Estate Broker

1435 Lexington Avenue
Davenport, Florida 33837

Cell: 407-301-1175

Email:  pailoor@smart-buy.com

Govind Pailoor